Kosher Theatresports 2017 (Surfin' Safari on the Chai Seas!)

1. SURFIN' SEPHARDI - Jon Williams, Dave Bloustien and Joel Goodman

2. NIPPERS MIT KIPPERS - Dave Callan, Mack Callan and Liz Hovey

3. SLIP SLOP SHLEP - Adaya Turkia, Dave Borowski and Oliver Burton

4. THE BEACH GOYS - John Knowles, Matthew Friedman, Philip Feinstein, and Scott Brown

5. JUDAH MACCABEACH - Michael Gregory, Jordan Gregory, Liora Baram and Paul Baram

Best & Fairest: Dave Callan
Rookie of the Year: Adaya Turkia
Moment of the Match: Judah Maccabeach "Death (and resurrection) by Meds"

MC: Ewan Campbell
Referee: Geoff Sirmai
Musical Improviser: Benny Davis

Judges: Lyn Pierse, Tanya Goldberg and Joanna Weinberg




1. LOST THE PLOTZ  Andy Greenfield, Dave Callan, Lisa Peers
2. BROIGES  Liz Hovey, Murray Fahey, Marko Mustac
3. SNORING 40s  Jono Herrman, Lindsay Moss, Scott Brown
4. McBETH DIN   Joel Goodman, Richard Stern, Andrew Coates
5. MOUNTAIN JEW  Simon Lenthen, Bryan Cutts, Janet Lynne Smith, Costa Karagounis

Best and Fairest: Liz Hovey
Moment of the Match: "Catching Butterflies"

Guest Judges:
The Unreal Julia Spillard (alia Gabby Millgate)
Umbilical Brother Dave Collins
KTS champ Jason "Shmux" Elias




1. THE TVILIGHT SAGA - JEW MOON Dave Callan, Andrew Coates, Tim Reuben,  Matt Dyktinksy
2. MASTER SHLEP Jonathan Herrman, Peter Lead, Monique Dykstra
3. MESHUGAH & SPICE Toffee Foltyn, Jonathan Briden, Dave Bloustien, Alice Fraser
4. JEWS 4 CHEESES: Gil and Oren ben-Moshe, Berryn Schwerdt, Justin Hile
5. MAD ABOUT JEW Brian Farmer, Hayley Dinnison, Stuart Willis, Will Erimya
6. THE BAND THAT ROCKS THE DREIDL Lindsay Moss, Geoff Bartlett, Scott Braun, Nicola Furst

Best + Fairest: Jonathan Herrmann
Rookie of the Year: Matt Kyktinksy
Moment of the Match: Jurassic moment (Jews 4 Cheeses)

Guest judges:
Theatresports Veteran and award-winning, writer, actor and director, Adam Gelin
Social Trends Commentator and Heartbeat director, Neer Korn
Actress, Entertainer and original ABC Playschool Host, Benita Collings

Adam Gelin, Benita Collings and Neer Korn

Your hosts: Susie Youseff and Geoff Sirmai
Musicians: David Fisher and Benny Davis

Monique, Susie, Geoff, David and Benny


Bondi Pavilion

Final 11 December

1st: GIRL, I WANNA MAKE YOU CHALLAH - Dave Bloustien, Cale Bain, Matt Foster, Heather Brandon
2nd: JEWS 4 CHEESES - Berryn Schwerdt, Oren ben-Moshe, Gil ben-Moshe
3rd: MAKE ME A SUPER-MOYEL - Shimon Senator, Jason Elias, Peter Lead, Jono Herrman
4th: MAZEL TOV COCKTAILS - Tom Allen, Tim Ruben, Jonathan Briden
5th: JEW JITSU - Geoff Bartlett, Nicola Furst, Joel Goodman

6th: THE FOUR SKINS - Toffee Foltyn, Matt Cohen,  Nathan Guerry, Andre Pech
7th: CONVOLUTED PLOTZ - Bianca Dye, John Knowles, Eran ben Avraham
7th: WILDKATZ - Andrew Coates, Marque Owen, Michael Kordahi, Scott Brown

Judges: Henry Roth, Jackie Loeb, John Barnier, Annalise Braakensiek, Lyn Pierse, Ursula Dubosarsky, David Fisher, Joanna Weinberg, Donna Jacobs Sife, Jack Feldstein

MCs, Timekeepers, Musicians

Monique Dykstra, Liz Hovey, Sammy Coates, David Fisher, Benny Davis, Geoff Sirmai, Ewan Campbell


KOSHER THEATRESPORTS 2005 - Witty in the City!

ONE NIGHT ONLY Thurs 8 December at the Seymour Theatre Centre

MC: Ewan Campbell
Referee: Monique Dykstra
Musicians: David Fisher + Robbie Avenaim

Last season at the Seymour Centre, Rabbi-proof Fence burst out of the hutch, hopped to the lead and was never headed... though runners-up and all-time best KTS team Shmux in Tux (who announced their retirement on the night) nearly caught them at the exciting climax with their scene of the night "Sing About It". Drama throughout included a sudden death triple tie-breaker after a 3-way tie for 2nd between the Shmux, Much Ado About Nachas and Shiksa Envy. Yentl as Anything and the Maccabi Divas missed the cut but also provided some show highlights in a glittering gala show before a packed Everest Theatre!

There were plays, songs, stories... even an opera all created at the drop of a 'yarmulkah' and much
of the audience arrived in the gala spirit, dressed up to the nines.

Hosted by Ewan Campbell with Monique Dykstra and with celebrity judges
pop music sensation Lior , singer/TV presenter Monica Trapaga
and TV comedy star Rebecca deUnamuno, the night was one to remember!

Final Results

Winners: Rabbi-Proof Fence: Steven O'Donnell, Shimon Senator, Peter Lead

Runners-up: Shmux in Tux: Matt Foster, Jason Elias, Mark Greenfield, Andy Greenfield

equal 3rd: Much Ado About Nachas: Steve Brandon, Heather Brandon, Amanda Buckley

equal 3rd: Shiksa Envy: Bianca Dye, Rebecca le Tourneau, Dave Callan

5th: Yentl as Anything: Joel Kilner, Simon Lenthen, Richard Stern

6th: Maccabi Divas: Jo Weinberg, Liz Hovey, Lisa Peers, Tony Sloman


Guest Judges

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2004 FINAL

Winners: FRANKIE & THE STEINS: Shimon Senator, Steven Brandon, Brendan Elias
2. GOY INTERRUPTED: Dave Bloustien, Asha Aimdt, Dave Callan
Adam Gelin, Lisa Peers, Liz Hovey
4. THE MESCHUGENUTS: Joanna Weinberg, Veronica Berman, Tanya Cawthorne, Richard Stern
: Mark Greenfield, Jason Elias, Matt Foster, Andy Greenfield
6.THE LEPRECOHENS: Ronan McChesney, Alex Kery, Naomi Hill,

Moment of the Match: Shmux in Tux - Puppets Scene "Caught in the Act"

Best and Fairest: Steve Brandon
Runner Up: Dave Bloustien

Rookie of the Year: Tanya Cawthorne
Runner Up: Roni Berman

Aeq 7th NACH NACH NACHAS (ON HEAVEN'S DOOR): Heather Brandon, Alex Kery, Steve Brandon
Aeq 7th BACKYARD BRISS: Richard Stern, Scott Brown, Louise McManus, Steven O'Donnell
Aeq 9th TEL-AVIVA LAS VEGAS!: Brendan Elias, Tristan Freedman, Tom Robinson, Adam Aduckiewicz
Aeq 9th MOYEL 'N' ROUGE: Alexander Symonds, Katherine Spira, Jason Arditi



Host was the elegant Monique Dykstra (actress and Theatresports national champion) with luscious Liz Hovey (the manic medic) as timekeeper and 'maestro' David Fisher on keyboard! Guest judges, Andrew G, Dave Callan and Vic Alhadeff.

WINNER: SHIKSA ENVY- Libbi Gorr, Bianca Dye, Gabby Millgate, Jackie Biro
RUNNER-UP Shmux in Tux - Matt Foster, Jason Elias, Mark Greenfield
3rd Members of the Board - Steve Brandon, Josh Brandon, Dave Bloustien, Tony Sloman
4th The Schnoodles - Adam Gelin, Anna Jacobs, Geoff Bartlett, Shimon Senator

5th Hidden McYidden - Avril Vorsay, Lyndall Katz, Ronan McChesney
6th Spielbound - Zoe Williamson, Allison Conyer, Annamarie Daley, Michelle Lippey

Best and Fairest Player of the Season: DAVE BLOUSTIEN
Rookie of the Year: ANNA JACOBS
Moment of the Match: Members of the Board's "12 midnight" in the Cinderella Classic in a Minute

OyVeyTricks Re-loaded - Joel Goodman, Dalya Will, Kerry Dreyer, Anthony Joshua
Da Hand dat Rocks da Dreidl - Dave Brull, Brendan Elias, Tristan Freedman
Borscht-Belt -
Warren Werksman, Karen Wedell, Gary "The Hobbit” Prebble
Shl'Meals on Wheels - Richard Stern, Simon Lenthen, Naomi Hill, Joel Kilner